Monday, August 16, 2010


I ALMOST believed you were here to stay,
but now you have flown away,
for one second I closed my eyes,
I took a look into the skies,
and you were gone,
love wouldn't leave you alone,
wouldn't lie,
wouldn't say goodbye.
Now I wonder if love was ever real
Do we know how we really feel
Is it all just a fairytale
with an ending we know too well
So very beautiful
and fragile
love, you held me close
told me secrets that no one knows
held my hand
always seemed to understand
but just before I started to fall
and give my all
you vanished into thin air
I turned around and you weren't there
Almost as though you were never there to start
and never wrapped your chains around my heart
and never whispered 'never'
and never promised 'forever'
nothing left but the memories of you and me
and that day you left me confused and lonely...